September 22, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs Renovated Arrowhead Stadium Features Discreet ACO BRICKSLOT Drain System

After a two-year, $375 million renovation, the Kansas City Chiefs football team just opened its revitalized Arrowhead Stadium for the 2010-11 season, with a modernized exterior and many improved fan amenities. Greeting fans as they enter the stadium is a large nine-foot bronze of the Chief’s legendary founder and NFL legend, Lamar Hunt, and the man who coined the phrase, “The Super Bowl.” The centerpiece, created by noted sculptor Bruce Wolfe, resides in a newly created section called ‘Founders Plaza’ at the entrance to the north side of the stadium. This open-air plaza features many unique design elements including eight fountains representing the league’s original franchises and over five thousand customized pavers with messages from Chiefs fans, many who remember the inaugural game at Arrowhead Stadium on August 12, 1972 when the Chiefs battled the St. Louis Cardinals.

ACO BRICKSLOT — an effective draining solution
While the atmosphere at the new Founders Plaza is one of elegance, there is still a need for maintaining effective surface drainage. The project’s architect/engineer, Taliaferro & Browne, Inc., based in Kansas City, looked for a discreet drainage solution to mirror the aesthetic appeal of the site, yet also ensure that surface water would drain quickly and safely for the thousands of fans who arrive and walk through the plaza on game days. ACO Brickslot, a specialized drain system from ACO Polymer Products, a world leader in trench drain technology, was an ideal solution. The system had previously been used on other Arrowhead Stadium projects so its performance was already proven.