September 22, 2010

‘Quartz by ACO’ Lineal Shower Drain Channels

Visitors this to the HD 2010 Expo and Conference, the pre-eminent trade show for the hospitality industry, will get to see a new product line called ‘Quartz by ACO’ that gives the shower floor a new dimension in versatility. As the Quartz name appropriately shows, the ‘ART’ in the product line name emphasizes a refreshing change from traditional shower drains, offering contemporary solutions for high end shower design. The latest trend in bath design and remodeling is to create large open showers that provide a luxurious experience. This means increasing the shower footprint for an open, airy and spa-like ambience, and removing barriers such as shower doors for walk-in or step-in convenience. This ‘wetroom’ trend has already taken hold in Europe and is successfully moving to the North America. A key to an elegant environment is to ensure for proper drainage, with a system that works efficiently and also brings harmonious design to the shower. ACO Polymer Products, a worldwide leader in drain technology, has responded to this demand, offering the A&D community a creative new line of shower channel products under the brand ‘Quartz by ACO.’ The linear channel drain can be positioned anywhere within the base of the shower; as a threshold, against a wall or wherever the design suits; so it blends seamlessly into the design concept. To the shower user, only the channel grating is visible, making this component a vital visual element. ACO offers several high-end grating designs with strong visual elements that create a spa-like design.