Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kent Event Center/Showare Center installs K100 with Stainless Steel Perforated Grates for water reclamation

The Showare Center is home of the Seattle Thunderbirds hockey team and is the first of its kind to make renovations to "go green".

These renovations include stormwater reclamation where rainwater is collected and reused for irrigation of the site. Removal of stormwater would also prevent ponding and slip hazards to pedestrians.

ACO Drain KlassikDrain K100S with stainless steel grates was selected to intercept stormwater in the entrance areas.

The locked perforated grate is completely ADA and pedestrian safe and fits aesthetically into the overall design of the arena.


Monday, March 10, 2014

KS100 with Type 445 longitudinal stainless steel grates installed at Cumberland Play Park

The New Riverfront improvements are designed to provide new public attractions, parkland and waterfront access, giving residents and visitors a reason to come and enjoy both banks of the Cumberland River. When complete, the project area will be ten times the size of the existing Riverfront Park.

To ensure the comfort and safety of visitors to the park a trench drain was needed to ensure hard paved areas remain puddle free and safe for all users regardless of the weather.

KlassikDrain KS100 with stainless steel edge rail was used to ensure long term aesthetics. The Type 445 stainless steel grates ensure safety of any kind of visitor as they are ADA compliant, ‘bicycle safe’ and ‘heelsafe’.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Dow Chemical in Freeport, TX uses Aquaduct double contained trench drain with ductile iron grates

While reviewing the facility layout, a number of pieces of equipment were moved around, necessitating the addition of trench drain in some areas.

Due to the nature of certain chemicals on site it was determined that a double contained trench drain would offer the best and safest solution.

This would provide a primary and secondary trench drain - one inside the other. If the primary trench failed, liquids would be collected in the secondary trench rather than leach into local groundwater. Visual inspection points at low points enable a view into the secondary channel to check for leaks.

The ductile iron grates offered a heavy duty solution to withstand the maintenance equipment used in the area.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

System 4000 with black plastic ADA grates installed at University of Tampa - Lacrosse field, Tampa, FL

A seven-figure donation from Tampa Bay Rays founding partner Vince Naimoli funded the new athletics and intramural stadium. The stadium has an all-weather turf field that will be used by both lacrosse teams, as well as intramural groups and the ROTC. The lacrosse team previously played on grass at Art and Polly Pepin Stadium, where the University’s soccer teams play. Having the new field will help keep both stadiums in better shape.

The new stadium provides seating for 1,450 and two open lawn areas. The field is not surrounded by a track; bringing spectators closer to the action and enhances the fan experience.

System 4000 with sloping channels was chosen to surround the entire field. The 494 black plastic grates are ADA compliant and provide lasting aesthetics.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Downtown Montgomery - Coosa Street - Montgomery, AL

Recently, the historical downtown of Montgomery has been undergoing a transformation.

Apart from being the capitol of Alabama, Montgomery is one of the most historical cities in the south - with a diverse impact on history from Jefferson Davies’s first pronouncements after the South’s ceding, to being regarded as a birthplace of the African - American civil rights movement. As part of the revitalization of the warehouse district in Coosa street additional drainage was required on the sidewalk.

ACO Drain KlassikDrain K100 was the obvious choice for the trench and the ACO Type 479Q Mosaic iron grate was chosen to match the 1800’s feel of the surrounding buildings.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PowerDrain S100K installed at the T115 Port of Seattle - Seattle, WA

At the Port, an effective drainage solution was needed to remove stormwater run off and avoid ponding in the cargo area.

A trench drain system was used as this enabled a flat surface to be maintained, which is safer for vehicles moving containers around.

S100K Powerdrain was selected as the heavy duty trench system that could withstand the constant flow of traffic while loading and unloading cargo.

Apart from withstanding the loadings of the vehicles, the trench drain had to stand up to the bins and skids used while loading and unloading the cargo delivered to the port.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Highway Drain HD200 install - Stackpole Road, Somersworth, NH

Stackpole Road is a major intersection in Somersworth, New Hampshire and is prone to ponding water after heavy rainfall and snow melt. The ponding water was causing hazardous road conditions for the drivers in the area.

To alleviate the problem, ACO’s monolithic HighwayDrain HD200 was retrofitted because it provides a safe, one piece unit with no removable parts that can be lost or stolen or create a hazard to moving vehicles.

In addition, the simple installation required no bracing and no grates to install which made the trench drain system both cost effective and very quick to instal, minimizing road downtime. The polymer concrete monolithic channel has minimal water absorption properties preventing freeze-thaw breakdown.