June 18, 2010

ACO TraffikDrain

The ACO TraffikDrain trench drain system is installed on the side of the road, parallel with the traffic flow. TraffikDrain uses grated slots with a 60% open large liquid intake area to quickly collect stormwater runoff.
The drain’s smooth internal polymer concrete cavity delivers excellent hydraulic performance and works with large high volume pipe connection flumes to effectively evacuate liquid, thus reducing accidents that may be caused by flash flooding and/or ponding.

TraffikDrain can safely withstand loadings of fast moving vehicles due its integrally cast-in rail, secured ductile iron grates and thick 1” (inch) channel walls. The system is independently certified to DIN 19580 (Load Class E). It also exceeds the AASHTO HS20/25 standard, and complies with B117 salt spray test.
The compact size of the sloped one-meter-long drain, coupled with a shallow excavation ensures that installations are quickly achieved, causing only minor disruption to vehicle or pedestrian traffic and/or buried utilities.