February 9, 2017


CASA GRANDE, March 9, 2015 – ACO Polymer Product’s innovative drainage systems have provided superior solutions to airports around the world that deal with flooding or excessive ponding on runways, in hangars or even in terminals and parking lots.


As airports and terminals experience growth and age, it is often necessary to renovate airports to offer increased levels of service or capacity. ACO offers a variety of product systems for heavy-duty applications that focus on safety, strength and the high hydraulic capacities of airports.

When runways become wet, whether from rainwater or snow melt, they create a hazardous situation for aircraft and support vehicles. It is important that airports consider effective drainage solutions when designing or renovating airport areas.


Prior to the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics, the Salt Lake City Airport in Salt Lake City, UT was given a complete upgrade to cope with the additional traffic. Part of the upgrade included additional taxiways and apron facilities. The long straight runs were ideal for 3,500 feet of ACO Drain FG200 fiberglass trench drain system fitted with heavy duty locked, ductile iron slotted grates. The FG200’s excellent hydraulics provided the ideal drainage solution for the wide flat concrete areas and the lightweight, easy to handle, 6 feet lengths enabled the contractor to install quickly and easily, thus saving money over alternative methods. The fiberglass channel gives excellent resistance to any de-icing salts used at the airport.

For more information on ACO trench drain systems for a variety of airport applications, visit www.acoinfrastructure.us or call (866) 453-1257.

ACO Infrastructure drainage systems consist of factory manufactured modular channel units made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete, fiberglass or MDPE, together with grates from a variety of materials for all loading applications. In conjunction with a comprehensive, quality product range, ACO supports its business with extensive stocking in three strategic locations, technical sales support, and world class customer service.


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